It’s been a loooong time.

Today was a bit of a milestone.

In the final push to go through stuff, ebay and give away the unused, and generally make the apartment and my life neat enough so I can move if I want, I went through the final post-fire box.

It’s always been mentally tough going through the boxes of stuff that survived the fire. There are many important documents and things I was lucky to salvage, but just the scent of the soot and burnt-plastic that pervades the documents can cause me to shudder.

Today was the last box. Finally. It was a major milestone when I finally threw out the toasted computer, but this is it. I’m done. It’s finally over.

I have a table full of books and documents that need to be put into page-protectors and binders and cleaned of soot, yeah. But that’s it. It’s all in front of me. The scent is disappearing as I type this and the documents dry out in the air-conditioned air.

It’s … really over.

4 Responses to “It’s been a loooong time.”

  1. sorien says:

    Of smoke and memories…

    I was in a fire when I was a little kid- an electric heater caused a short-circuit and a fire ran up inside the wall at my grandparents- Their house was old enough that the insulation in some places was basically wadded newspaper and such- I know that smell now, and I remember the fire and what happened (nobody was hurt) in a fair bit of detail. 😛

  2. mongologue says:

    Wow. Fire’s been.. a while now, and so much to sfit through. … glad you can move on now.


  3. roxikat says:

    I’m glad that you’re putting it behind you. I feel like I’m accomplishing a lot with my home renovations. I threw out like 5 computers at the recycling center while they demolished my old front steps.

  4. tracerj says:

    The interesting part of this, from my perspective, is that I first met you right around the time this happened. Literally, right around, as in a couple days before and a day after. I don’t know if the fire changed you from how you were before that time, because I didn’t know you long enough to say. I can certainly say now, though, that over the years I’ve known you since, you’ve gained a quiet dignity about that situation and other crises. You panic far less than I do. That’s profoundly impacted me. It’s something I try to live up to.

    I’m glad the last remnants of your crisis are gone. I’m inspired to work toward clearing out the remnants of my crisis. You’re a good influence, you know that?

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