Mac Classic

Oh yeah. Before I go an sell it. Anyone interested in a working Mac Classic with system 6 on it and an external hard drive and all that?

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  1. nius says:

    Actually, that would make a nifty addition to my collection…

  2. Phil says:

    Cool. I’ll send it to you for the cost of shipping. Sound like a deal?

    If you give me your zip, I’ll get an estimate for the shipping, etc etc.

    Any other early mac stuff you’re looking for?

  3. palabrajot says:

    Where were you people when I was putting a Mac Classic II in the trash? Does the II not qualify for “antique” status? ^.^

  4. nius says:

    Deal 🙂 (Payday’s Monday!)


    Only specific old mac piece I’m looking for is an Extended Keyboard II, the mechanical kind.

  5. Phil says:

    I have an extended keyboard. Clickety old mechanical kind. But it’s not the II I don’t think. I also have a “keyboard II” which is the odd shaped little one, and a few newer ones.

    Anyway, send your address to bennie _at_ macrophile _dot_ com and let me know what keyboards you want. I will just UPS it and let you know the price after.

    I should be going to the UPS store this afternoon.

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