8 Responses to “Ummmm….”

  1. duncanroo says:

    And then Richard Pryor will take the extra .006 cents.

    — Duncan

  2. unclekage says:

    Well, at least they rounded it.

    “Convenience fee” of 2.22%. I’d put money down that they are charged a 2.22% premium by their merchant bank.

  3. nius says:

    I guess Michael Bolton forgot to check his code for bugs, again.

  4. tailen says:

    How convenient!

    For a convenience fee, they sure picked the least convenient number possible.

  5. the_gneech says:

    I hope this was not just a random window that popped up…


  6. joshuwain says:

    How can it be a “convenience” when it’s attached to a JavaScript alert window? 🙂

  7. giza says:

    Someone forgot to use Javascript’s toFixed() function. 🙂

  8. shadowolf says:

    The site also can’t seem to do math.

    2.22% totalling $8.646 would be the charge convenience fee on $389.46

    The $8.646 added to a value to make $401.646 is $393.

    There’s a .9% difference between the two.

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