Years and years ago, as a little tig, I took a lot of piano lessons. Eventually I went on to other things. In college I had to revisit some of those lessons for the required sight-reading courses.

That being said, I don’t think there would ever be a chance I could pull this off:

Considering the age of this film, the audio is good and the editing is surprisngly well done. The piano playing is god-like, of course.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to say it looks like The Benny Goodman Band, era 1930’s…..but I can’t be sure. It doesn’t look like Glen Miller’s Band (I had 7 years of trumpet, & miss it terribly)


  2. athelind says:

    You know, I can hear the William Tell Overture without thinking of The Lone Ranger.

    I can even listen to Bach’s Zarathustra without thinking of 2001.

    But I can’t hear Flight of the Bumblebees — not even a jazzy interpretation like this — without thinking of The Green Hornet.

    And I didn’t even WATCH that show!

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