It’s another one of those silly things you notice like watching an odometer roll over. It turns out I just added my 5,555th song to iTunes.

Remember that Japanese New-Orleans style street band I found? The “Black Bottom Brass Band?”

It turns out the did a track for “Bust a Groove 2.” It really surprised me. Most of the tracks for these dance games are heavily remixed. But nope, they kick the energy and tempo way up and keep it rolling for a great track. All analog, and just plain fun.

Here ya go, entry #5555: In a groove (5.2 MB MP3)

Major props go to their sousaphone player. He’s got the typical rhythmic bass lines you’d hear out of a good street band, but the tempo has been kicked up to dance-speed. And he gets no break for the whole track. Damn good playing.

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  1. roxikat says:

    I have this game. I have the Japanese release of this album too. I don’t think there’s any others like this on there though. It’s the ending credits. 🙂

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