Thursday Fun Music

Ok. So there are a few positions to hold the violin in. Under the chin is the classical style. Down in the arm is the bluegrass and fiddle style. And you might even poke around occasionally and hold it in your lap like an old violin de gamba.

And maybe if you’ve played a lot you’ve gotten bored once or twice and plucked a pizzicato with the other hand. Even with all that, this is in another league. Ignoring the silly outfit and the trick shoes, what is going on here is sheer musical acrobatic skill. Put on some headphones to listen closely to the audio if you want, but watch carefully. He’s playing all of this. It’s psychotic after you get into the main tune at 1 minute in.

Very work safe and just amazing.

11 Responses to “Thursday Fun Music”

  1. sirfox says:

    that’s insane.
    i like it.

  2. prismo says:

    Holy… now THAT’S entertainment! 8D

  3. pholph says:

    A: I want a pair of magical shoes.
    B: I died of laugh when he used the back of the chair as a bow…

  4. susandeer says:

    It’s sad that we don’t have people like this around anymore, or that they just don’t get enough attention for more people to know about them. Ahhh, Vaudeville…

  5. krin_o_o_ says:


    Body juggling the bow and keeping the song going…


    – Krin

  6. marmelmm says:

    Yeppers. Spike Jones and the City Slickers had some of the most brilliant musical performers out there. Their rendition of “Farandole/Hall of the Mountain King” is some of the most intense, tightly choreographed utter lunacy it’s ever been my privilege to witness…

  7. iridium_wolf says:

    something like this?

    May not be as phyiscal, but still silly.

  8. mongologue says:

    He played all that. *boggles*


  9. susandeer says:

    Oh, jeez! That guy! @:D Definitely physical and quite funny!

  10. This guy is…I’m tempted to say, the Jimi Hendrix of the violin.

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