Cartoon Music!

Somewhere in the past, I picked up a CD of the Detroit Orchestra performing Suppé and Auber overtures.

Classical music hides behind a smokscreen of composer and composition names. Those overtures you’ll basically know as cartoon music. If you grew up mind-zonked on sugary cereal watching Bugs Bunny and such, you’ve heard LOTS of musical cues out of these pieces.

After having a great day bouncing around doing work while listening to these I figure I should share the fun.

Here are two selections off this CD most folks might remember:

“Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna” by F. Suppé (Bugs conducted this in “Baton Bunny”)

Light Cavalry Overture by F. Suppé (I guarantee you’vee heard the theme at 2:08 in more than few cartoons)

And I suppose if I’m covering cartoon music I should also mention:

Tannhauser Overture by R. Wagner (“What’s Opera, Doc?” is a compressed and reordered version of this. I bet you can’t hear the main theme without singing “Return, My Love” in Fudd.)

William Tell Overture by G. Rossini (Probably the great grand-daddy of all cartoon scores. The “stormy weather” cue is at 4:00. The “tranquil scene” cue is at 6:10. The “Lone Ranger” theme is at 9:06.)

I could keep going on an on and include things like Suppé’s “The Beautiful Galatea” (AKA bugs breaking it up as “LEOPOLD!”) or include recordings of both the A and B section of Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse,” but I am afraid I’ve already posted too much and that it will have to wait for another post.

3 Responses to “Cartoon Music!”

  1. rogue_richek says:

    I’m actually really impressed by the audio quality on these.

    And no, I couldn’t help but have Fudd on the brain.

  2. tommicat says:

    I’m so playing this loud in the office! 😀

  3. beerhorse says:

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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