Ow…. breathing hurts.

About 6 months ago, for financial reasons, I had to close out my gym membership. Pushing for work had tapered down the time I could use it anyway and I was looking at moving. Recently, I’ve changed that and susandeer and I found a wonderful gym nearby at the reccommendation of several friends.

So last night I went and hit the weights for the first time in half a year. I’ve been eating well and doing cardio and starting to take the weight slowly off for about the last month. It felt so very very nice to work out again.

The gym, ClubOne, is positively sparkling clean. And that goes for even the showers and wet areas near the sauna. There is an indoor and outdoor whirpool, a steam room, a sauna, an outside heated pool, the usual completlment of gerbil-run torturing devices, a full line of handbells, a full complement of full-bar weight machines, it’s not stupidly loud, has good hours, and seems to never be crowded.

I’m utterly astonished that for 2/3rds what I was paying in DC, and $20 less than the local gym in Philly I am getting two full memberships to this monstrously nice gym.

And while I was there doing a bench-press or three the radio brought up “I’m too sexy…” by Right Said Fred. And for some reason i was struck that the idea of heavy-weight lifting mixed with “I’m too sexy” was something I’d expect out of ekigyuu‘s pencil.

Anyway, it is now the morning after and everything hurts. It’s not the ususal “you’ve worked out again” hurt, no. It’s the “you son-of-a-bitch made me work and I will KILL you for it” hurt. A hot shower took the edge off it, until trying to lift the brush up above my head made me feel that it was … heavy.

Yeah. Good workout. I’m going to go crawl in the corner for a while and heal now.

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  1. krin_o_o_ says:

    Well, if it hurts stop doing it!

    * ducks *

    – Krin

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