I like surprises. I think the right kind of surprise on the right occasion can really make a good gift.

I know I’ve bumbled a few in my time, and at the same time I’ve had a few good ones. And the times folks have surprised me, it has been wonderful. Even if you figure it out or someone the surprise is let out, there’s a whole fun feeling of acting and playing along. In either case it really shows that someone cares about you.

I was double-surprised this morning and completely blind-sided by my honey. I was sure I had been out in the car to dig out her own surprise last night, which then woke her up this morning. But no, somehow she snuck a surprise in my briefcase and out into the car. Making it a fun surprise when I started my commute and a second double-bonus surprise when I got to work.

And they’re dang good cards too. I want to bounce around and go *SQUEE* because I’m loved. Sure they’re just some paper and ink, but they do mean a lot.

I love you Sue 🙂

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  1. susandeer says:

    *snug!* I love you, too!


  2. susandeer says:

    *om nom nom nomf* Err… Why, no! I wasn’t eating those truffles all in one shot!

    *points a finger at the Pepe Le Pew-ish, stuffed, talking, tail-wagging, tiger!* He ate em!

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