I really do need to get a music icon or make one.

So the “new” band I tested out turns out to be a fun group and lets me work on my soprano clarinet chops.

I had initially had expected a nice lazy time at 3rd or maybe 2nd clarinet. As with many middle-of-the-road community groups I expected to be able to basically sight-read the music and get the notes for the tough stuff under my fingers at the rehearsals and not need to practice.

Most professionals practice very little for anything other than direct feature pieces. Eventually you train your ears, learn to mark your music, and learn to truly perform on cue and not get lost in the mechanics of it. Good sight reading and good musicianship.

Last week however I was offered to play first and I took it. And not only that the folks that are there said I should take first seat (“on the end”) due to my good tone and reading. It’s a great compliment, but it does change things a little.

I’m behind the ball on mechanics. The split solo Bb part for West Side story hits this note several times. And while for a professional soprano clarinet player it’s only the “lower altissimo” register, (In extreme cases there is notation up to an octave and a few notes higher.) this is the stratosphere for me.

I literally had to count ledger lines to confirm it was a high F# and then think a moment or two to recall the fingering. It looks like I’m going to need to step back and woodshed a little to have these parts down.

The annoying part is this last week was busy. So while gaffes are doubtlessly forgiven on the first night you read a part, here’s hoping my reading and skills allow me to do a decent job without the practice tonight.

In any case it’s great fun to be playing squealer parts. This will be cool. Just gotta practice.

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  1. the_gneech says:

    I recommend you caption a screenshot of Owl Jolson.

    -The Gneech

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    Just to be evil…

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