Green is back, part I.

The weather out here is very much like the Mediterranean. The season holds and holds, with no rain at all during summer, and not much in the way for humidity.

And then one day the coastal roll finally breaks in and it’s cool and breezy with big puffy clouds.

After two gently cool evenings with a cool and moister air, the green has come back.

It’s stage one of the green. The grasses have yet to come back in full flush on the mountainsides where they are wild and dry most of the summer. But the trees have all responded to the moisture. And in some cases the light sprinkling of rain that happened.

It’s a startling effect. You never noticed the tree-green going away. Indeed, it’s like dust gathering on the surface of a painting or a TV. The change in moisture being that accidental brush that cleans the surface so you see the bright, vibrant colors again.

We’ll probably have a bit of a warming again as all the locals are talking about this “unseasonably cold” weather that’s down in the mid 60’s at night.

Right now though I’m really content to watch the parade of high puffy clouds crossing the valley from the far souther ridge and generally march past my office window to the west.

It’s a picturesque sky of blue and white, a groundscape full of green trees, and off in the distant respectfully lit mountains, with shafts of sunlight through the clouds as if painted there by a set designer.

I don’t know who is taking over the job of “old master painter” today, but they’re doing a heck of a job.

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