Speaking of cool folks in the valley…

This weekend was kinda quiet. It was a nice shift of gears after slamming AC, SDCC, and Burning Man back to back to back. We’ve had one or two of these and I’m starting to feel a bit normal again. Heck, I’m even catching up on LJ.

Sue and I had been tracking some folks moving out here along roughly the same path that we had to take. (NC to CA) They were livejournalish folks so once burning man was done, we invited folks by the house to chat and such.

dollraves if a very very cool person. Sue and her got along swimmingly and she ended up spending an evening over at the house chatting with folks. We plied her with some blueberry mead and she seemed to think this was a good thing.

So this weekend when folks down in Gilroy opted for a Sushi and kitten fest we pulled her in on it. She got to meet some of the locals and apparently we all share the same broken lines of humor. Much fun was had in Miata driving and the girls all went clothes shopping together and apparently had a blast.

It’s always fun to meet cool new folks!

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