I’ve written before about the bad habits of my upbringing and the handling of firearms. It’s something out of my history and a skill I like to be familiar with. Some dark corner of my mind likes the idea of being ready when the zombie-elvis ninja pirate army attacks.

We were in a “sport shop” earlier today that has a sizeable gun section. Gun stores usually are a cliquish place laced with more macho than is necessary. This place was a nice shop and I looked at some nifty things.

California requires you to pass a safety test to get a permit to purchase firearms. My sole firearms education comes from the boy scouts and from being taught proper firearm handling by my father somewhere when I was about 10 or 11. I was curious how well I would do without reading their study guide or taking a safety course.

I passed. Actually, I scored over 90% when you only need 66% for the permit. I missed three questions. All were things specific to California law and paperwork and had nothing to do with actual firearms safety. (How many years does a felony keep you from owning a firearm, what is the age for handgun purchase in California, etc.)

Lets here it for the boy scouts, eh? Good knowledge still serving me decades later.

4 Responses to “Boomstix.”

  1. wingywoof says:

    I am of the same mind when it comes to zombies, etc. It’s why I keep low grade explosives on hand.

  2. smack_jackal says:

    Oh yeah…the basic firearms safety certificate. It’s been YEARS since I took that cruddy little test. I’d probably have to take it again since I’ve lost mine. It’s painfully simple common sense stuff, especially if you’ve handled firearms in the past.

    I scored a 100% on it at the time with out studying the dorky handbook the gun shop gave out for people to bone up. This seemed to impress the shop owners at the time who made comment that nearly half the people who came in failed it the first time. I think I blurted out something like, “People who are that stupid should be shot.”

    Hey, I was 19 years old at the time! Not my fault! 🙂

  3. Phil says:

    Scary isn’t it? And driving tests are just as simple. But some people fail them again and again.

  4. mongologue says:

    I’m quite in favor of tests which average people should be able to pass, but… for lack of a more polite word, dumb people can’t. That’s why we have these tests. 😉

    Been about 17 years since I last show a firearm. I’m sure I’m way rusty. 😛

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