Cool tool

Every once in a while you run into a cool and simple tool that is just plain useful and kickass.

clonezilla is just one of those tools.

It is a lightweight little bootable CD or USB stick that you can then use much like Norton Ghost. But it doesn’t require a dedicated server. (The dedicated server can multi-cast for efficiently flashing hundreds of machines at once, though.)

It will remote mount to make an image or load an image via NFS, SSH, FTP and a few other items. No fancy infrastructure is required and it’s very smart at automagically recognizing the OS and cloning it in the most optimized and compressed manner possible.

At the current time I’ve only used it for linux, but I can’t wait to try it on other things.

Apparently it can do individual partitions. It’s possibly to have it play well with vmplayer.

I wonder if you could make a micro-boot partition that has this as part of it and lead it into Grub as a regular boot option on your servers. That would give you automatic reboot-and-flash options for backup and install.

Very nifty.

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