Music and Teef

Monday was the last day of music for me for a while. We had played our last concert two days ago and we did a recording session on Monday. Mr Mike Vax was there while we sight-read some interesting tunes.

We recorded backgrounds on a solo written for Doc Severinson. A Vivaldi double-concerto reduction for wind-ensemble. And also one of those fabulous turn-of-the-century band-with-cornet-solo feature pieces.

The percussion guys didn’t have a part so they just improvised on that one. It sounded spot-on, too. It’s also believed that somehow this piece has never been recoded. We’ll be the first. Some hundred years or so after it was written.

Mr. Vax announced that Summit records has heard the early mixes for the previous tunes. They want to submit this recording for grammy consideration. That would be nifty.

Before this last concert I had someone ask me about another member in the group posting on BAF about it. Sometimes I wonder how much folks here in LJ land are interested in the concerts and performances. Do you guys want me to announce them here so you can attend if inclined?

With all the music done I could finally get my teef checked and cleaned. It’s been 3 years and I had been worried about having a rough cleaning or surprise-dental-work knocking me out of the final concerts and recording session. I worried for naught. After 3 years I was complimented on brushing and flossing well. The dentist we found is excellent and the cleanings was easily one of the best I’ve ever had. It looks like I have two fillings about to wear out that we’ll change over to UV-cured fillings. Less mercury and they bond better to the teeth. Good stuff.

It’s nice to have a good dentist visit. 🙂 And good music.

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