As you might have read about from Sue, we made another trip to the dentist.

The last one was a cleaning. This one was to remove to failing fillings.


Yup. That’s right. If you got fillings put in your mouth, you should keep in mind that 7 to 10 years later they start to wear out silently. And they can fail BAD. The cavity grows under the filling and can cause you to need a root-canal, sometimes without the slightest hint of pain or sensitivity.

So I got mine changed out to some of those super-cool UV-cured ones. I now have three of those and only one mercury-amalgam filling left. I’ll probably have that changed out in a month.

It’s surprising how different it does look. The first time you glance in your mouth and the dark fillings are gone it is surprising.

I’m having a bit of trouble flossing around one of the new fillings. I can’t seem to get between the teeth. It may be that we ate ribs last night, but if it doesn’t work out by Monday I think I’ll ring the dentist for a quick spot check.

It is so very nice to have a GOOD dentist near the house.

8 Responses to “Teef!”

  1. toob says:

    The new invisible fillings tend to be a bit bigger and difficult to floss around at first. If you keep at it (try a thinner floss) you can usually wear the filling away enough to make flossing possible.

  2. mrianti says:

    Good Dentists are getting hard to find 🙂

  3. drleo says:

    Yeah, I recently found this out with my last dentist visit. I need.. like.. 9 or 10 replaced. Oh boy fun.

  4. susandeer says:

    You really oughtta lay off the sweet zebra meat, babe. @;)

  5. drleo says:

    *whines* But it’s so sweet! And zebra-y!

    Nah, in this case, it’s past indiscretions revisited on me. Like Bennie mentioned, these were all previously done fillings that have worn out.

  6. Phil says:


    They told me no cameras.

    Dammit, you just can’t trust when the dentist knocks you out, can you?!

    I should have bit ’em.

  7. I’m headed there on Monday morning!

    they’re going to take one look at my choppers and faint…(frown)..but, I’ve warned them and it’s time to put together a good dental plan…

    Thanks for the indirect referral..(grin)


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