Somewhere during college I took it upon myself to learn to cook. On the way I’ve picked up skills here and there and have progressed to somewhere between “advanced bachelor” and “short order cook.”

I’ve never done a Christmas or Thanksgiving on my own, though. This year, I offered to Lisa and Sue that they take the day off for Christmas and I would make the dinner. This let them concentrate on whatever pies and cookies they enjoy making while the “chore” food would be done by me.

There was some last minute help with Sue mashing and seasoning the potatoes and some plating, but it came out well.

We had:

Turkey (white and dark) done as seasoned roast loins. (The whole-bird thing is really for Thanksgiving)
Sugared spiral cut ham. (A bit of a cheat – pre-cooked)
Yam souffle. (with marshmallows on top)
Green bean casserole. (with crunchies on top)
Garlic mashed potatoes. (Not to be confused with smackjackal‘s “epic” potatoes.)
Fresh green beans.
Jellied Cranberry.
Fresh bread.

And for dessert we had a selection:

Homemade pumpkin pie. (Made by Lisa)
Double-chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies. (Made by Sue)
Slow-churned Vanilla Ice Cream (Made by the California Cows)

Fresh brewed Illy’s Coffee. (Brewed via a glass perk pot on the stove, medium grind. Which is the best coffee to be had at home IMHO.)
Martinez 20-year Tawny Port.

Here’s hoping you had a Merry Christmas too!

5 Responses to “Cooking…”

  1. smack_jackal says:

    Fear my Mashed Potatoes! They will destroy you!!!

  2. susandeer says:

    Be not fooled by the merry imprint of “GLAD” upon the surface of these container-shaped, mashed potato minions! For death awaits you! With nasty, big, stinky garlic poots!

  3. catnel says:

    The cows churned the ice cream!?

    I want to see that! 😉

    Sounds like a good yummy dinner.

  4. mongologue says:

    Yum! Indeed quite a heroic and solid effort. 🙂

  5. kagur says:

    Top Chef award goes to….

    Sounds like a feast to be proud of:)

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