Swiped from wingywoof: made a dragon cake for gamers.

tehrasha, Sue says this one is for you.

11 Responses to “CAKE!”

  1. That really is an incredible cake. I’m amazed at how realistic and detailed the coloring is.

  2. tehrasha says:

    oh… wow… *jawdrop*

    How could anyone even think of cutting that up to be served?

  3. drleo says:

    That place is across the street from me. I’m still working on a good excuse to get a cake from them — or better, get work to get a cake from them!

  4. puctiger says:

    I have to know about the corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, and ketchup fountain in the back.

  5. kellicjtiger says:

    Umm if anyone put a paw on that thing to eat it they deserve to be beaten. That should be in a museum. OK a museum of food but a museum nonetheless.

  6. rigelkitty says:

    That’s crazy. That can’t be a cake. No one could eat that, it’s art. I am hard pressed to believe that’s really a cake.

  7. mongologue says:

    That’s a very neat fondant sculpture wrapped around a piece to cake inside.

    When the fondant > cake by volume, I judge it as fondant sculpture rather than cake. And unless that neck has stacked slices of cake inside, I’m figuring that’s about 60% fondant and frostings there.

    Yes, I’m overly fussy.

    Yes, it’s awesome.

    But it’s fondant sculpture with a cake core.


  8. torrle says:

    It’s pretty awesome, but I think I’d enjoy serving that up. :9

  9. minotaurgirl says:


    Now I tend to pride myself on my cooking ability (all self taught) but I could never in my wildest dreams accomplish such a feat! I wonder what flavor it was. It seems such a shame to eat it, after so much effort, but it would be even worse for it to go to waste.

    Well, back to experimenting with the Angel Food Cake and fruit tarts…

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