Random thoughts… from FC

I’m getting older. It’s a lot harder to stay up till 2 am and get back up at 6:30 am for several days in a row.

There are some very cool folks in the fandom. You won’t notice them if you’re too busy looking down on fans in general, of course.

Online is fun. But the smile of a long-time friend in person can answer a thousand questions of status. A genuine smile and friendly exchange in person is why we have cons.

Two planning points. I wish I knew where my black con book was. I should have had that ready. And I should have had dinner reservations prepared before the con.

I am always astonished at the creativity, unvarnished or polished alike, that is freely displayed, given, traded, and enjoyed at a furry con.

We are an early pioneer of a fan-created-content fandom. We are almost unique in this. With tools like the internet, print on demand, low cost video and audio editing changing the game for centralized media, I think you’re going to see more fan-created-content fandoms appear and thrive like furry. I also think furry is going to continue to carve a leading path in this direction. The ability for creator and fan to closely interact, and to also be one and the same, is a nutshell example of what the new-media revolution is. I think APE (the Alternative Press Expo) might be surprised to find that a whole new-media group is already thriving in the valley. It’s just wearing ears and a tail this weekend.

It’s fun being able to talk shop with folks. I was so afraid moving out here I would be so incredibly outclassed by the technology and would have to be sat at the kids table when it came to tech and my career. I was a little behind the curve, but the skills of problem solving, organization, and communication are timeless. Armed with those, the job busily beat the new tech into me as it always has. I at least feel like an adult amongst peers now.

Here’s hoping a good nights rest produces a relaxed final day at the con. I hope everyone has a good and prosperous time.

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  1. tigjah says:

    I am sorry I could not make it to this one. I OWE you a great big Tig hug 🙂 But I am glad you are having fun, even if it means not being able to stay up for feeling like F’ pie when you wake up.

  2. kagur says:

    I am always astonished at the hospitality and warmth displayed by the fandom, and by wonderful people like you in particular:D Having fun with friends is why I attend cons. The artwork and goods are secondary. A smile is worth a thousand furry prints, and a hug from someone you like/respect is worth more than bids in the art show.

  3. wingywoof says:

    Enjoy it! Live in the now!

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