Sometimes I scare myself…

My sweetie asked if I could put together a “surfing safari” themed playlist for her iPod for FC.

I warned that I thought I might not have enough to make much of a playlist. If it was short, she might get bored with it. Anyway, I promised to do my best.

So I sit down and go through things, my thought process is something like this: “Ok. Beach Boys. Jimmy Buffet. That Norwegian instrumental surf-rock album. (Thanks Person!) Another Surf rock group. 4 albums of Steel drum music. A couple of Harry Belafonte tracks. “Barflies at the Beach” by RCR. “Tequila” by the Champs. A couple of 70’s island instrumentals. “Tailspin” by Los Straighjackets. The Hawaii-Five-Oh theme.”

o.O …. that’s 11.7 hours of beach music.

Sometimes I scare myself.

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  1. gavyn_lumier says:

    Did you remember to add “Misirlou”? xD

  2. scs_11 says:

    If you guys get to Anthrocon this summer, we’ll have to compare weird playlists. Hell, I’ve got a playlist about waitresses.

  3. tyger_strype says:

    what about Blondie’s The tide is high? Did you happen to squeeze that one on? :3

  4. See also: “Go to California” by Motorpsycho, and “Northern Lights” by Super Furry Animals. The latter is very Calypso-ish.

  5. tchall says:

    Did you include “Wipeout,” by the Surfaris?

  6. Phil says:

    Be glad to! Also, Sue and I would like to update our address for the Dorsei thing. How do we go about doing that?

  7. krin_o_o_ says:

    I think that here in North Carolina there’s a right proper term for that:

    “A good start”

    PS. You did include the obligitory Ember’s?

  8. scs_11 says:

    Send me email and I’ll forward it to the concom. My addr is the initials of my name, ‘steven c simmons’, my toplevel is the org domain, and the second level is the initials of the Dorsai Irregulars.

    If a spam address harvester can figure that out, we’re all fucked.

    Oh, obligatory on-content post: “Surfin’ Bird,” as performed by the Bobs. They sing it as a counter-melody to “Bird on a Wire.”

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