What’s in your desk?

I find myself looking at the high end bourbon bottle, the 20 year scotch bottle, the bermuda black rum (for coffee) and the reserve venezuela rum (for sipping) in my desk at work and thinking “I should bring some Zaya and Svedka in.”

Judging by how much I get done around here, alcohol is a useful technology.

How many of you folks have a bottle of hooch at work? If so, what?

10 Responses to “What’s in your desk?”

  1. gavyn_lumier says:

    We’re not allowed to stash hooch at work (unfortunately). Something about homeland security mandates or some other such stuff…

  2. puctiger says:

    I don’t have any hooch, but I do have a just-in-case flask.

  3. krdbuni says:

    The inevitable filing cabinet

    I wish I could stash something in the drawer, but not having an office door, I would be loath to actually keep anything on the premises. The restrictions against alcohol is pretty severe around here, and I need my job more than the occasional tipple during office hours.


  4. krin_o_o_ says:

    Could do that about 20 years ago.
    Then everybody started growing up.

    They didn’t get around to actually having a company policy totally banning it til about 10 years ago.

    The last bottle of magarita mix left the audio engineering’s fridge about 8 years ago.

  5. I personally do not…

    but someone has a bottle of Goldschlager (sp) stuck in a cabinet…and some leftover wine….


  6. sirfox says:

    i’ve got about a hundred and sixty pints of pure 100% ethanol. I’ve yet to drink any, but knowing it’s there is a comfort.

    It’s in the flammables cabinet.

  7. telbert says:

    No hooch, but I have a small bottle of 5-Hour Energy in my desk which I will likely consume on my night shift.

  8. teaselbone says:

    Since I’ve mostly been doing work at home, does empty bottles of Sam Adams count?

  9. unclekage says:

    200 proof USP grade ethanol.

  10. mongologue says:

    While I could probably slip SoCo in my diet coke or Bailey’s in my coffee all day long, I’ve never quite felt the desire to.

    Nor do I really want to use the el cheapo box wine we use for three recipes a month.

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