Hey you frikking maker science geeks!

I’m sitting at the base of a 3,000 foot tall granite wall.

How strong of a laser projector would one need to play a game of pong with this as the backboard?

And how hard is it to get a laser projector that powerful?

It is accessible by car. So power can be brought in on battery or generator.

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  1. gavyn_lumier says:

    I don’t know, but if you find out, I’ll be on the next flight out to you. =)

  2. zorinlynx says:

    …where did you find a 3000 foot tall granite wall?!

  3. wingywoof says:

    4500-10000 lumens?

  4. okay, let me make a recommendation…

    put the laptop BACK in the car

    find some sort of hammock or comfy chair

    sit in it for several days

    Although, can I pass this one on?…(grin)


  5. grevydude says:


    Heya. That would be a 30 watt laserscope. I was part of camp “Emerald City” atBM 2001, and we had Randy with us, with his 30 watt Laserscope laser. We were _the_ icon that everyone set their compass by, and here is an image from that year.


    The Laserscope green YAG laser is second to none in sheer power to size ratio, being no larger than a washing machine on wheels. I might acquire one here at some point if I am lucky. The Laserscope is truely a powerful and lovely machine. Images can be found all over the net. You need to have really thick mirrors on your scanners to project with it, as the power is so extreme it can over heat the mirrors and make them come unglued or warp from the heat, and mess up your beam focus.

    With this laser we scanned horses running at about 2 to 3 miles away on the large mountain. Biggest problem with laser projectors involve several factors. First is beam power and focus. The greater the distance, the more this is important. Also, projection surface. Reflectivity being a key factor, as well as smooth surface. The mountain we projected on was very rough and far away, but we had good beam focus and a LARGE image, so it was pretty good and easy to see.

    Having quality laser scanners is a must, as well as a good programmer if you want to play old original vector games like Pong. (although pong might have been a raster game, I cant recall) Vector games did have a program out there called “Laser Mame” I think, but the frame rate is so bad I heard most games are unplayable. Oh well. So, it works, but only really for show.

    Anyway, projecting on mountains can work, but you need a lot of money to do it!

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