And the technology grinds to a halt

One of the coworkers keeps finding ants in his cubes.

All work has ceased.

It must be a Monday 🙂

9 Responses to “And the technology grinds to a halt”

  1. krin_o_o_ says:

    gum-drop stratigically applied to the underside of his monitor?

  2. spray em with Windex and MOVE ON…

    welcome back to civilization (or is that a debatable term?)


  3. gavyn_lumier says:

    So run out, get an ant trap, set it on your desk, MOVE ON!

    Good god, if the computer was turned into an ant colony I would understand, but I’ve dealt with ants. It’s not the end of the world. One ant trap and I’ve had zero pop up since then.

  4. tehrasha says:

    Sprinkle his Model-M with sugar water. 🙂

  5. palabrajot says:

    File a bug report. ^.^

  6. susandeer says:

    And then wander around in the immediate area of his cube in an E’gar suit?

  7. susandeer says:

    Hah! That’s what I said!

  8. Phil says:

    Re: spray em with Windex and MOVE ON…

    Yeah. it’s such an wonderful taste of the absurdity of work.

    Speaking of back at the grind, how are you?

  9. Re: spray em with Windex and MOVE ON…

    holding my own pretty much….life’s coming together quite nicely…

    Found an amiga 1000 at WeirdStuff for $130 (didn’t buy it). Entire system complete with joystick.


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