Do you have PORK FU?!

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  1. krin_o_o_ says:

    Best shot at the translation

    “Golden Real Dried-meat”

    but that’s not quite right because I can’t find the right keyboard char for the second symbol on my iPhone keyboard.

    best I could manage was: 金 實 肉 脯

  2. pinkdino says:

    I adore this stuff, actually.
    top it on rice… munch on it plain…

    but who’s to say my opinion stretches out to others’

  3. LAUGH…

    this reminds me of the time I was in Richland Market (formerly a small chain local to Stanislaus County) and I saw a big tub of lard. It said manteca on one side and lard on the other. I started laughing hysterically in the store thinking of the town of Manteca.

    being 20 and sleep deprived had something to do with it I think…(grin)


  4. krin_o_o_ says:

    Re: Best shot at the translation

    I asked someone at work.

    寶 treasure

    Golden treasure dried meat.

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