Original character development sheets of the ESSO tiger and they story behind his development over at:

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  1. dnapalmhead says:

    *laughs* Ah, the unfailing ability of cartoon characters to switch between sharp and flat teeth. 😀 Handy thing!

  2. millerwolf says:

    Source of the Esso Tiger Model Sheets

    I had this book years ago (that this model sheet came from), the first edition of it, and this was my favorite page.

    I found the book at a bookstore in Berkeley, California. At some point I lost it, but a second edition was released. I never got around to buying it, but you can find it here:

    Humorous Illustration: The Top Artists of Our Time Talk About Their Work (Paperback), by Nick Meglin

    It featured interviews with Bob Jones (the guy who created the Esso tiger design and drew that model sheet), and other cartoonists like Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, Sergio Aragones, and more.

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