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Cleaning out the desk

Somewhere in the fun of the last week, I lost track of time. As can happen when you’re jobless or working for a small company I was surprised to find that today was Saturday. As Sue mentioned in one of her posts, I’ve been straightening my desk and computer at home. And I have been. […]

Phrase Modulation

Usually I have about a dozen books at my desk at work. Most of them are essential references to my job, the usual O’Reilly or other guides that are not uncommon at any tech persons desk. Also, I will have two or three “mousetrap” books. These are books that are nifty in some odd way […]

Darwin Day

Petition to recognize Feb 12 (The day “Origin of the Species” hit print) as “Darwin Day” : http://bit.ly/9h48ez


Even the mighty can fall: http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/media/sad-violins-philadelphia-orchestra-may-file-for-bankruptcy/19330720/ Philadelphia Orchestra may have to file for bankruptcy.


Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day: http://www.fast-pack.com/bubblewrapappreciation.html



I have trouble taking compliments. Part of it is a confidence issue (if I don’t believe I have done good, how can I believe others telling me it) and part of it is just not knowing how to deal with it socially. Music is something I do outside of work, and outside of most of […]

Grinding gears.

Some days, it seems it is really REALLY hard to get my head in gear. I’ve been in a great mood coming off of vacation and am trying to hold it together and keep myself engaged at work. Also trying to catch up on a lot of RL things that slid by on the way. […]

It hurts my head.