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Unbuckling the safety belts

In the last year or three, many programming languages, libraries, browsers and applications have been getting stricter and stricter about how they handle and accept SSL certificates. Of course, this is due to more and more exploits showing up in the wild. So now, formerly acceptable actions are getting warnings, and former warnings are causing […]

A regional rant.

The name “San Francisco” is a 4 syllable name. It is a name that is easily shorted in conversation to “‘Frisco” or “San Fran.” Both are what I would think as friendly slang and only use in that context. There are some people in San Francisco who take offense at this. They have pride in […]

Death of the Sysadmin.

A Sysadmin. You usually run into one at your place of work, or school. Heck, you might be one. The term is loosely applied to the person or persons who form the work-force in that department usually referred to as Information Technology. To me though, the meaning is a bit more specific. Its a term […]

Doing it wrong… part 1

At one point, while walking a person through one of the VMware provided sample scripts I found myself talking about the perl mistakes that VMware was commonly making and my frustration with them. It turns out, it makes an interesting micro-view of how I find VMware’s perl code and SDKs frustrating. I know that there’s […]

Dear Composer…

I’ve played a lot of band music. I’ve been playing more-or-less continuously for 25 years now and have played in a wide range of groups.

Over time I’ve come to the opinion that not everyone arranging and composing out there is treating their craft with as much care as they could. How many of us have played really poor arrangements? The kind where the music was really inhibited by the mechanics of pen and paper?

Here, without much organization are the points I’d want to write in my “Dear Composer” letter:

“Alerts are somewhat broken.”

“Alerts are somewhat broken.”

That’s how my more experienced coworker put it in the initial bug report. He’s a sharp guy and rarely states things in an impolitic way. So it surprised me for him to state something that direct. Turns out, it was quite true.