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Jim Rome and respect for the arts

I’ve not made a big deal of linking to Jim Rome’s band tweet and the articles about it. The dude is a “shock” celebrity, so this kind of press is what he thrives on. Though in this specific case, he got a bit more than he expected. Still, I have thought a bit about it. […]

About that concert

Yeah… it rocked. I hope to post the music links soon. That is one of the best concerts I’ve played.

Upcoming Concert

I don’t necessarily publicize all the concerts I play in. I do this for a few reasons. #1 I recognize that not all concerts that are fun to play are necessarily fun to listen to. (Especially for some modern works.) And #2 I would be posting lots of times because I tend to play in […]

The Planets – Tympani cam view

I forgot to post about this from last fall. Merlin Patterson arranged the complete Holst suite “The Planets” for wind ensemble. We got a preview copy. I had also recently purchased a GoPro camera. So I left it sitting on a stand at the back during the concert. So here is a Tympani-eye view of […]

Free awesome recital!

Wow. It’s been a while since I posted here. I should get back to this and posting more often. If you’re in the SF Bay area and are looking for some fun culture stuff on the cheap, a wonderful, WONDERFUL guest artist will be presenting a free concert. Lydia Busler-Balis made her performance debut at […]

Ohlone Christmas Extravaganza!

This Saturday, Dec 8, at 2pm in the Smith Center on the Ohlone Campus in Fremont, CA we’re having our 5th annual Christmas Extravaganza. I play in 3 of the 5 groups. This shall be awesome! More info over on: http://ohlonewindorchestra.org/ and tickets can be bought online or at the door.

Le sacre du printemps

I’ve been struggling with how to write this one in a way that is interesting and conveys how much of what is about to happen is full of awesome. But it is hard. So let me try talking about the piece first: The Rite of Spring, is a ballet that was written by Igor Stravinsky […]

Upcoming Christmas Concert

I was reminded that I should be posting about up-coming concerts in case folks would like to go. Both concert bands that I am playing in will be performing in the 4th Annual Christmas Extravaganza concert at Ohlone College. That is happening, this Saturday, Dec 10, at 2 pm in the Smith Center of the […]

You now have the cows complete attention…

Now THIS is how you do a Flash mob…