When it rains, it pours.

Job searches are that way. You’ll have depressive days and days on end without a single peep. And then you’ll have 2 companies trying to talk to you multiple times in a day.

I think part of it is the work week and weather. You might get a schedule call on a Monday. But if it is a nice sunny Thursday, people don’t want to do anything serious at their job so they finally pick up the phone and do the lighter work of talking to an applicant.

Anyway… yesterday was one of those days when a bunch happened.

it’s a bit of a blur, but early in the week I scheduled a 3rd interview for company A. I had previously interviewed the owner and two tech heavies for them. This interview was for someone whom I would report to. A guy who was fulfilling the shoes of project/customer coordinator. The night before he emailed me with a request to bring along some documentation I’ve written. I don’t know if this was a curveball, but it’s an area I’m strong in. Short version: I batted a home run with someone who had a rep as the difficult interviewer. I only bobbled one statement, but was able to excellently turn it around and explain it out. Customer social skills on display FTW.

Somewhere in the course of the interview the discussion became less hypothetical. Less “if you were on this project” and more “when you work this project we have coming up” which was telling. The coordinator also asked if I would like to ghost a business call with a particularly large customer that evening. I sat in and hear a customer asking essentially for company A to provide them a person with my skillset.

After that, a flurry of phone calls and emails circulated. The salary discussion was had. And as of this morning I hold in my hand an offer letter from company A for the salary and requirements I requested.

Just as a side note, when Safeguard Scientific crashed at the beginning of the dotcom bubble, I had my longest stretch of unemployment: 2 weeks. I was wondering if I was going to be unemployed longer than that. Apparently not, this cycle was 11 days from firing to hiring. Go me. I am a job whore.

Mixed in all the mess of company A, I traded some emails with company B. I’m waiting for the phone to ring for my first screen with them now. I think I have about a week to sort them out. Keeping fingers crossed.

In a lot of ways, this is my first interview in the valley. The job I took moving out here and the one that followed it were on the word and coat-tails of friends I had formed outside of work relationships. There is a whole culture of pulling people into the valley and having people vouch for other people. This is the first time I am standing on my own record and experiences here. And I am retaining a decent salary. This is good.

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  1. All right! Tigers rock the job market.

  2. Well, aren’t you fortunate in this economy.

    Stupid economy. Get better already!

  3. kagur says:

    Good to hear:) Now you have a reputation in the valley and are in demand. Way to go, Bennie!

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