Last year, suerankin and I visited Yosemite for the first time as its season started. By odd luck, we ended up there Easter weekend. This turned out to be a great time because: #1) the winter had broken enough to make the drive palatable #2) the nights weren’t too cold to be able to camp #3) A lot of families go to Easter service meaning the park would have less people there, and also, less children.

Mentally we filed away that time as a “good” time and as it rolled around this year, we did it again.

This year it was a little cooler, but much wetter. I’m glad we opted to try out Camp Curry. It’s been a fixture in yosemite since the 1890s and you can rent a heated canvas tent with cots. Between that and a chow-hall, lounge, and bar, it’s probably the cleanest form of “camping” you can find in muddy weather.

Going over the mountain pass into Yosemite I was once again acquainted with the fact that many people do not know how to drive in snow. Mostly the roads had a few inches of slush at worst, and it was snowing beautiful thick flakes but with plenty of visibility. We passed three accidents on the way in. Two of which were the typical panic-and-nosed-into-a-snow-bank. One of which I am still slightly in awe of.

On an absolutely straight and lightly slushed grade (with clean ruts) someone managed to flip a full sized suburban on its side with it’s roof pointing uphill. It was on the uphill side of the grade and there were relatively few skid marks around. Catching a tire in a bank might have turned the vehicle, but not flipped it. I am still curious. Probably excess speed and driving up on the bank or such. No one seemed hurt. We gave the family a blanket to keep warm as it appeared that rangers had arrived and were dealing with the situation. I wonder how the rest of their weekend went.

Back to Yosemite: the floor stayed coldish and comfortable. Waking up the the mountains dusted in snow is beautiful. Seeing the falls running at strong volume with coatings of spray-ice is also beautiful. So is sitting in the lodge in front of a giant roaring fireplace and dozing. A really good break.

I think we’ll do it again next year too.

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  1. padfootsm says:

    Yosemite Valley is a treasure that few people know of…or are willing to take the time to go visit.

    I miss it.

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