I even made it look like it was done on a crappy photocopy…

Creative urges strike here and there. I don’t know why. The joy is occasionally following them.

I hate updating my resume. I don’t normally like self-promotion, and to try and recall and distill your work to a few sentences is annoying at best. So rather than being stuck with big resume updates each job shift, I try to check in and keep mine current every few months.

On this last go-around of updates I got an idea stuck into my head. It was one of those creative ideas you can not get out of your head until you’re done with it. So I found myself scouring image boards, and then spending time in photoshop to age a document, make it look hand written and make it work as a single visual piece.

I present my professional resume, done as a circa-1985 D&D character sheet:

Resume done up as a D&D Character sheet circa 1985

My resume done up as a D&D Character sheet circa 1985

And yet, it is still a resume of a sort. The statements are generally accurate, if altered. Please, if you think of something awesome I missed out on, let me know.

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