Stupid F’ing Anime Review Websites

Stupid f’ing anime review sites:

So, I ended up with Tchaikovsky’s 4th stuck in my head. That caused me to hit the web to see if I could find a copy of O. Tezuka’s “Legend of the Forest” – which was a Japanese animated “Fantasia” like movie to that symphony.

One of the neat things about that movie is the Tezuka starts out with still images and progresses through the various technical improvements of animation as time passes in the movie: So the movie starts out as still drawings, then becomes zeotrope cycles, then black and white animation, then realist animation, then basic color, then multi-plane-depth animation, etc.

Tezuka long revered Disney and you can see the care taken in reproducing dead forms of animation and the technical changes that Disney invented or popularized. The whole thing exudes a love of traditional animation and the idea of fusing it to music as a form of art.

Anyway, that’s what you see if you are familiar with animation, how it has progressed in Japan, and the people involved.

Apparently none of that knowledge is required to run an anime review site. Go do a web search on “Legend of the Forest” and read any of the reviews. I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t complain about the “cheap” or “outdated” animation.

Miss the point much?

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