Sometimes the world gives you a hint. I had a nice rambling post that I just spell-checked and was about to load live journal, just as I hit the wrong tab close button and lost it. Maybe it’s a hint from somewhere to be brief.

This last week has been uber busy. Work has a few things go kaboom and Friday I had to pull a very frantic and solid days work. to make deadline. It fried my mind completely.

Kitana (jadedfox) drove through for a visit. I felt bad because the timing was a little odd. I had both a dress rehearsal and concert with the orchestra on Saturday, so Kitana and the hoss (gideon_hoss) went up to the caer. Even with me being brain-fried and late, we got a nice dinner over at Bucca di Beppo.

The concert was an absolute blast. I was originally only called to play on one piece, but at dress rehearsal I was handed the second bassoon folder. They could not find a player. So I got to sight read the music which was in a different clef and in a different key and written for a different range for my instrument. Talk about intense. You see, the guest artist was Butch Thompson. His group, the Butch Thompson Trio comprises the core of the "Guy Show Allstar Band" that provides music for NPR’s Prairie Home Companion. We played a lot of pops type tunes (Die Fledermaus, etc) and a lot of Ragtime and Jazz suites. I wish I had told more folks about it. Maybe next year.

After the concert I went up to the caer and hung out with Kitana and folks. Kitana had to take off Sunday to go visit other folks in DC (like Iridium) and head down to her new place. The caer folks (Ana, Wolf, Ken, and Lisa) and the hoss and I all went and grabbed a good dinner. All in all it was a decent weekend and I hope everyone else had good fun too.

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  1. joshuwain says:

    Y’know, it’s interesting… Every time I hear about someone eating at “Bucca…” I keep thinking that they must be here, in town. Before it spread into franchises around the country, we had the only one, here in Minneapolis. It’s still one of the best places to go for good, family-style Italian, too…

    So, next time you’re in the Twin Cities, I’ll know where to take you, Bennie! 🙂

    Sylvan (aka Dave and BoomerRoo)

  2. wingywoof says:

    Tell that red furred fox to get her tails back to Tampa! She’s gonna miss all the fun!…. that’s not really happening anyway. 😉

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