Upcoming Concert

I don’t necessarily publicize all the concerts I play in.

I do this for a few reasons. #1 I recognize that not all concerts that are fun to play are necessarily fun to listen to. (Especially for some modern works.) And #2 I would be posting lots of times because I tend to play in several groups.

Which is all a round about way to say this: This next concert is going to be AWESOME!

No really! The good band: the Ohlone Wind Orchestra will be presenting a fall concert on Sunday, November 10, 2013 @ 2pm, that is an absolutely smoking lineup of tunes.

We are performing things like the transcription of Bernstein’s Overture to Candide, and some great programmatic pieces like The Sword and the Crown and Scenes from the Lourve, as well as a monster of a piece by Frank Ticheli: Blue Shades. It amazes me that the “light” pieces for this set (Symphonic Fiesta No. 3 and Jager’s Third Suite) are “only” standard band repertoire pieces.

This is going to be a rocking concert of serious and fun literature.

If you’re on the fence: This year, the California education system cancelled all recurring classes in the secondary schools. That means that all the arts and sports programs at Ohlone were effectively ended. We converted our class to a community-education offering, and we are now self-paying for all facilities.

So if you want to show up at a GREAT band concert, please do! Or if you want to help a struggling arts program that needs only a few concert tickets to break even, please do that too!

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