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What do you mean, “no clarinets?”

So we had the final spring concert with the orchestra. For the last time of the year, the parade of grey heads filed into the auditorium to listen to a bunch of folks that were wearing penguin getups sit back and play music of people who had died before the Boer war. I didn’t bother […]


Sometimes the world gives you a hint. I had a nice rambling post that I just spell-checked and was about to load live journal, just as I hit the wrong tab close button and lost it. Maybe it’s a hint from somewhere to be brief. This last week has been uber busy. Work has a […]

Upcoming dates

I’ll be in the following events. If folks would like to go, let me know and I can provide times maps and information. Almost all of the concerts are in the afternoon. The band concerts are without charge. The orchestra concerts require tickets. Saturday, April 5, 2003 – Bucks County Symphony OrchestraSelections to include Shostakovitch’s […]