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“Documentation is like sex: when it’s good, it’s very very good; and when it’s bad, it’s still better than nothing.” – Dick Brandon, quoted in Perl Best Practices p. 132

Good Design

A wonderful video example of good engineering and how it reflects back on coding.

Time lapse programming

Time lapse of creating a video game:

Saw this one today

BEGIN{$^H {q}=sub:{my$ my=$ _[1];$ my!~ /\$/?$ my:sub: {my% my=@_;(my$ my=$ my)=~s ‘\$(\w+)’$ my{$ 1}’eg;$ my}};$ ^H |=0x28000} ‘The quick blue fox $action over the lazy dog.’->(action => ‘jumps’) The code returns: The quick blue fox jumps over the lazy dog. Awesome and painful at the same time.


Ok. So Perl has a remarkably plastic synax that allows you to “think” (IE: code in) the syntaxes of C, awk, shell, FORMs and a few other things. It’s a subtle thing, but incredibly useful for people who just want to get things done. The wide variety of acceptable syntaxes can give some language purists […]