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I’ll have an “Old Man Bishop”

So as with many drinks there is a competing claim to who invented the “Long Island Iced” tea. One of the oldest comes from the land of whiskey: Kentucky. Ransom Bishop refers to the drink his grandfather “Old Man Bishop” put together in the 1920s. As a prohibition-era drink, it was a handy way to […]

It’s 5pm somewhere.

Macallan’s Cask Strength is my new favorite liquor. It’s sort of like soda-syrup is to a soda. It’s the undiluted scotch from the cask. Very concentrated and intense. Simply awesome. Give it a try if you’re looking for something interesing.


Memes don’t seem to go around much anymore, but what they hey? Let me know if you guys find an animal name, variation, or whatnot that should be caught and I’ll add it. The awesome art was provided by Susandeer. The Furry ConBadge Drinking Game My badgenameBennieis worth0 drinks! It looks like you’ve got a […]

How do you spell “wolf”?

As you might guess from the scores I mentioned when I described the conbadge drinking game, I’ve scored all of the badge names I’ve handled over the years. I wasn’t about to review all 6500+ names by hand. I programmed something to score things. After all, I had time to kill as the badges printed. […]

The furry con-badge drinking game.

As part of the setup for registration for Anthrocon, I would print all the pre-registered badges and signup sheets. This was usually a period of several days of feeding badges through printers and checking the finish. Then there’d be a big sorting party where the badges were broken into their various bins by category. This […]