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Long day

So after running into Denver to pick up a check, I got back and started tackling chores for DVI stuff: Burned about 50 DVDs of the promo vid. Machines #10-14 are now assembled and burned in. Built a proper production installer with trimmed code. Installed production release on machines #10-14. This time around I also […]

Trade shows and lessons learned.

– It’s surprising just how much damage a determined union shop can inflict on a road case. Lesson learned: stencils for “fragile” and “right side up.” – It’s also surprising to find someone who is nearly a competitor is in the booth behind you. – Union folks, like theater crew, and music roadies, just really […]

Small jumps

yay. Unit #5 built and running memory tests. Units #6 and #7 have board assembled. Approximate build time for unit #5: 1hr If the RAM in this box checks out (first pass just cleared right now) that means it will be the first box with clean RAm on the first try. That will also bring […]

It’s mumu time again.

So far this is a complete index of units built by our company : Unit #0 (beta) – Installed in Club Static Unit #1, #2, #3 – Currently in road cases to trade show Unit #4 – On loan for beta testing with local fundraiser And now we’re assembling units #5-8. We’re at the starting […]


Well what do you know. The booth fits into the road cases afterall. And since I have no other content to post about, I’ll just have to mention this: the fax machine was invented 33 years before the telephone. Figure that one out.

Oh noes! It R gone!

Ok. I do geeky stuff for my job. Some of the tasks can get esoteric and repetitive. Shell scripts to the rescue! While it’s great to automate tasks, sometimes in the shuffle of work you forget to archive a good script. After several months of not needing this thing, I realized I may have lost […]

Silly computers…

Do you remember back in the day when you could buy most computer components with the relative assurance they would work well. And on the rare condition they didn’t you often got a quick refund, even from trade show purchases? Bleh. Long gone I guess. 4 computers assembled out of the parts for 20 that […]