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Today’s mischief – ROMAN DEATH!

Today’s mischief is brought to you by the line-noise that you can compile: Perl! You can add this code ANYWHERE in an executing perl stack. (a module, a referenced library, an inherited base class, etc) Then at any point the perl application warns() or dies() and shows the accompanying error, the line number is shown […]

You now have the cows complete attention…

I even made it look like it was done on a crappy photocopy…

Creative urges strike here and there. I don’t know why. The joy is occasionally following them. I hate updating my resume. I don’t normally like self-promotion, and to try and recall and distill your work to a few sentences is annoying at best. So rather than being stuck with big resume updates each job shift, […]

The REAL reason Invader Zim was cancelled…

In case you didn’t get pointed to Jhonen Vasquez’s blog, here he lays out the official story on why Invader Zim was cancelled: http://www.questionsleep.com/mindspill/?p=1229 Like most things in life, it really does just come down to how you hide the bodies… (Edit: Link fixed.)

Could you have passed?

8th grade final exam, circa 1895: http://people.moreheadstate.edu/fs/w.willis/eighthgrade.html

Technical terms…

These are some colorful technical terms I might occasionally use. I thought I should codify them here for maybe your own usage: NTAC – “No Talent Ass Clown.” Some people are null modifiers. That is, their lack of knowledge is neither helpful or hindering. NTACs on the other hand, have zero skill and usually have […]

I’ve had days like this…

Hungover Owls?

Why do I think there is a chance ursulav is behind this? http://hungoverowls.tumblr.com/

The next big thing

* It is fashionable to like yappy dogs right now. * Often they are carried in a carrier slung like a purse to accessorize. * Celtic music is viewed as something cool and interesting. A major piece of world music. * It’s also cool and interesting to learn to play a celtic music instrument. Obviously […]

Mmm… 1st amendment coffee.

Hey look…. a “disappearing civil liberties” coffee cup. Add hot coffee and the rights just fade away…