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Busy busy…

I find it hard to describe how busy I have been in the last few months. In the last few weeks the amount of work has fallen to what might be more normal levels, and I’ve caught some rest. But really, for a period of months there I quite-literally did not have a single night […]

Death of the Sysadmin.

A Sysadmin. You usually run into one at your place of work, or school. Heck, you might be one. The term is loosely applied to the person or persons who form the work-force in that department usually referred to as Information Technology. To me though, the meaning is a bit more specific. Its a term […]

A small rant on “top priority.”

“Please email them directly, high importance.” This was what I asked to do by a coworker. And for a moment I struggled to hold my tongue. I don’t know why this rubs me the wrong way. I remember seeing the feature of setting an email “priority” flag back in what must have been some ancient […]

Taking care of bidness…

So last night I pretended to be Mr. Businessman. The job has me on the road, and they pick up the tab on food. Next to my hotel is an Outback Steakhouse. I usually eat at “local” joints when I travel and shun the chains, but for some odd reason I had a hankering for […]

Talking and pointing

On the current contract, one of my deliverables is a series of lectures on a VMware product called “Lab Manager.” That’s right, I’m teaching again! We have some canned class material provided from VMware in the form of powerpoint decks. I really don’t like powerpoint. Often it is information starvation. You cannot convey complex subjects […]

Interesting times

In my last post, I talked about the job I took and how it is sorting out. I’ve been on this gig about a half a year at this point. My focus on the posts about my employment I’ve been willing to put online have been mostly about me and my job. What I haven’t […]

Job stuffs

It has been an interesting few months on the job front. For those who are interested in the subject, you might remember I intentionally selected a job that is outside my comfort zone to force myself to get better. The end goal is to eventually be running my own show, but for now, I’m working […]

“I’m in the flat part that gets all the sun with the mountains around it…”

So… Phoenix arizona gets hot. It’s a middling mix between San Jose and burning man. At least weather-wise. I hear that during a heat wave out here, when it gets above 120 F, they have to shut down the airport because the planes don’t generate enough lift to take off, and the tires melt on […]

The bitter point of work

I’ve had a few posts I’ve been wanting to make, but when it comes to time to write them up the muse seems to falter and I stare at an empty screen for a bit. I was reminded of this idea last night, and I find myself pondering more on it. The secret of getting […]

The ultimate gig bag

For the last 5 years or so I have had a simple black-cloth messenger bag. Two small snapped pockets, large flap, heavy duty zipper, heavy-duty canvas without any plastic applications, with a wooden ruler in a slot for the top-rib. It was an Army-Navy store purchase for $10. A lot of messenger bags are gigantic. […]