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Busy busy…

I find it hard to describe how busy I have been in the last few months. In the last few weeks the amount of work has fallen to what might be more normal levels, and I’ve caught some rest. But really, for a period of months there I quite-literally did not have a single night […]

More about the new college goal…

It was interesting from the last post, I got a question about which college I was thinking at going to. And I realized I was introducing my plan in a very soft and hidden fashion, because I am scared of it. When I say I want to go to “college.” I mean, I want that […]

I have a new goal…

It’s simple really. I want to go back to college. But not the kind of college you think of. When I look back on what I really, really got out of college it was two things: #1 – Basic life skills. This includes, how not to drink too much. How to cook and do my […]

Taking care of bidness…

So last night I pretended to be Mr. Businessman. The job has me on the road, and they pick up the tab on food. Next to my hotel is an Outback Steakhouse. I usually eat at “local” joints when I travel and shun the chains, but for some odd reason I had a hankering for […]

In the clouds…. and hopefully not stink clouds.

Ever notice that things tend to progress from clarity to murky and back? Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll have an obvious focus in front of me for a few months, and then things tend enter a murky area where the next project, idea or focus comes around and you try it. It’s murky right […]

The bitter point of work

I’ve had a few posts I’ve been wanting to make, but when it comes to time to write them up the muse seems to falter and I stare at an empty screen for a bit. I was reminded of this idea last night, and I find myself pondering more on it. The secret of getting […]

Wouldn’t it be neat…

I think it would be neat if there was some polite social cue that could be used to let someone know that the story they are animatedly telling you they have told you before. This happens occasionally and I always find it hard to find a good social out to it that doesn’t fluster the […]

Humble moments.

At the last music rehearsal I went to, I found out three more of my friends have been pink-slipped. Two are very talented teachers who are being bumped by seniority rights in the current budget cuts in CA. The other is a tech manager who was laid off. I know of many people who are […]

On job searches and bad metaphors.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to have a bit more control of my career. I had, until that point, basically went wherever I was taken in the moment. I ran a job until it was done and hopped to the next. I forget what spawned the thought, but I recall reading someone […]


So the guy called back about the rover today. He had chatted with his finance-bank-type-person and I will have payment for the Rover on Monday. The guy is a mechanic and wants this truck as something to restore and play with. I’m glad to see it going into capable hands and to a knowledgable person. […]