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Mama Leone left a note on the door…

So at this point Sue and I have been moved in for 3 or 4 days. The roommates all have the majority of their stuff in. And all the heavy junk is in place. The kitchen is massive. We’ve cooked two full-team dinners and a breakfast in it already. It’s hard to believe but everything […]

Moving stuff dates.

So I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on just how I want to do this move. It turns out that a fairly well reccomended freight-by-weight company, ABF, has started a PODS-style (they call it “relocube”) service and the price is really good. If you calculate out the space we need, and add in […]

Getting ready for the move

Was able to sneak around and finish a few errands today about the move. Thanks to it being near the end of season, we picked up on the cheap a camp stove, sleeping bags, tent, and a few other small supplies. Good. I also hit up the local UPS store and picked up the first […]