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Happy Halloween!

Werewolf? Check. Zombies? Check. Calypso? What the…?!

Christmas Break!

I had no idea how much down time I needed. This Christmas break has been wonderful. I’ve been a bit of an antisocial lump, but oh man, has it been so nice. I’ve got some stuff to post, but in the mean time, something cool: A TED talk on how people aren’t tone deaf and […]


Did you see that retro TV car commercial that was all art deco? Or the more recent Hyundai commercial that has a video mix of a couple recording a christmas tune? The duo is Pomplamoose. The’ve been doing this on youtube for a bit. Everything you see is what is making the music, and everything […]

You’ve got to prime the pump…

Nope. No social lesson here. Still, a great tune from the Kingston Trio:

Zombie Jamboree

Visuals are a recombination from Hellsing. Audio is Rockapella ripping off the Kingston trio… “It was a zombie jamboree….”

Tuba Beat Boxing

Your day was not complete without a tuba beat-boxing and multi-phonics in the middle of a vamp:

train wreck

Lawrence Welk … soul music … 1981. It’s like watching a train wreck. You can’t look away.

If it’s stuck in my head…

why not in yours too? Gods I love the animation. So fun.