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Le sacre du printemps

I’ve been struggling with how to write this one in a way that is interesting and conveys how much of what is about to happen is full of awesome. But it is hard. So let me try talking about the piece first: The Rite of Spring, is a ballet that was written by Igor Stravinsky […]

You now have the cows complete attention…

Upcoming concerts!

Who: The Ohlone Wind Orchestra What: OWO Spring Concert (Concert Flyer) When: Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 2pm Where: The Smith Center on the Ohlone College Campus in Fremont, CA. Why: The OWO is probably the closest to a professional group I have had the privilege of playing in. The spring concerts are usually the […]

What if we treated Doctors like we treat Teachers?

I think it’s interesting when you contrast careers. Often it’s very effective when contrasting how we teach musicians and artists versus other careers. This one is a very effective illustration on how we treat teachers. An amazing read: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shaun-johnson/treating-doctors-like-teachers_b_812096.html

An Evening with Danny Kaye (and the NY Phil)

Some kind person uploaded the entirety of “An Evening with Danny Kaye” to youtube. It’s a benefit concert from 1981 where he was fooling around and conducting the New York Philharmonic. Among his many talents, he was a decent conductor. Clicking on this link should start the full playlist and show the whole show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTqMi965iB4&playnext=1&list=PL8A7D24DF36377BB9 […]

Oh…so THAT’s the Black Swan.

You know, usually when I talk about people on stage dancing around while pretending to be animals, folks think I’m talking about the latest convention and it’s masquerade. But in this case it was a little different. I went to the ballet this weekend and watched Swan Lake. First off, for those who are curious: […]

Piano Lessons

Interested in brushing up on those piano lessons you had had as a kid? Live in the silicon valley area? This person is awesome: http://takelessons.com/profile/linda-c

Rarely heard recording advice.

For those of you who want to eventually end up in professional recording of music, here’s a nugget of advice you’ll probably never use: When recording a funk sousaphone, have the player check the felts in the valves so you don’t hear them clicking on the solo passages: Example tune: Dead Dog in the Street […]

Nutcracker, and the job that is impossible to get.

So this weekend I played the Nutcracker. There were a lot of notes. And a lot of the time I got both the right pitch and played it in the right place. Playing the Nutcracker is somewhat of a major milestone for me, but for a reason that’s hard to explain. Let me first, tell […]

This is what I do for fun!

I am always a little worried when I post my music on this journal. I tend to assume that most folks don’t care about it. In some ways it’s being that geeky kid back in school again: I assume that aside from the rest of the band geeks that no one else could possibly be […]