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Le sacre du printemps

I’ve been struggling with how to write this one in a way that is interesting and conveys how much of what is about to happen is full of awesome. But it is hard. So let me try talking about the piece first: The Rite of Spring, is a ballet that was written by Igor Stravinsky […]

Upcoming concerts!

Who: The Ohlone Wind Orchestra What: OWO Spring Concert (Concert Flyer) When: Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 2pm Where: The Smith Center on the Ohlone College Campus in Fremont, CA. Why: The OWO is probably the closest to a professional group I have had the privilege of playing in. The spring concerts are usually the […]

Nutcracker, and the job that is impossible to get.

So this weekend I played the Nutcracker. There were a lot of notes. And a lot of the time I got both the right pitch and played it in the right place. Playing the Nutcracker is somewhat of a major milestone for me, but for a reason that’s hard to explain. Let me first, tell […]

This is what I do for fun!

I am always a little worried when I post my music on this journal. I tend to assume that most folks don’t care about it. In some ways it’s being that geeky kid back in school again: I assume that aside from the rest of the band geeks that no one else could possibly be […]

Kicking ass with art.

The vacation out to Yosemite was abso-frikking-loot-ly awesome. For many, many reasons that will soon become a post of it’s own. Especially since it involves a sooooooper seeeeekrit project Sue and I have been working on. Anyway… Part of the reason I have been a bit quiet here is well, I’ve been on the road […]

Wouldn’t that be awesome…

It’s a small chance. We’re looking into it. And if it works out, I will do my best to convince folks to do it. It’ll be 2 years from now if we schedule it. But there’s a chance that one of the music groups I play in will perform in Carnegie hall. Wouldn’t that be […]

1 down, 2 to go.

Last night’s concert was excellent. I only boffed one short solo in the development passage of Joh William’s “The Cowboys” overture. It’s a busy piece and I doubt anyone noticed. I was surprised how well an old standby like Frank Perkins’ “Fandango” played down and the closer (Leroy anderson arrangement of 76 Trombones) came off […]

Busy week

This week I have three concerts, two dress rehearsals, and a standard rehearsal. Monday I have a final recording session. And then it is all done for the summer. For folks who might want to attend them: * The Ohlone Community Band is doing a very traditional pops-style concert on Wednesday night. Flyer here. *The […]

Interested in some modern music?

The spring concert is rolling around for the Ohlone Wind Orchestra. (OWO) That’s the “top” band I play in and some days I’m amazed they let me in the door. Damn are they good. Specifically, it is at 6pm this Sunday, March 7th, at the Smith Center on the Ohlone College Campus in Freemont. Details […]

What do you mean, “no clarinets?”

So we had the final spring concert with the orchestra. For the last time of the year, the parade of grey heads filed into the auditorium to listen to a bunch of folks that were wearing penguin getups sit back and play music of people who had died before the Boer war. I didn’t bother […]