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A small rant on “top priority.”

“Please email them directly, high importance.” This was what I asked to do by a coworker. And for a moment I struggled to hold my tongue. I don’t know why this rubs me the wrong way. I remember seeing the feature of setting an email “priority” flag back in what must have been some ancient […]

do { } while ( )

I was going through some papers today and I came across an index card. It was a very important index card at my last job. At my desk there, I had it pinned next to my monitor where I pretty much could not avoid seeing it. The card is a list of four things: – […]

Smash-up job postings.

I always find these humorous. Companies, when they have a job-opening, sometimes get into “kitchen sink” mode. Where they throw every single institutional need into a single listing. Oddly enough, most companies don’t actually want to pay for what they are asking for. I saw tons of these in Philadelphia in the bio-tech area: Little […]

Need any VMware integration help? or Linux admin work?

So, for my day job I work for a large consulting job. A lot of our work centers around VMware and the various cloud tech. I’ve done work at fortune 100 companies, done education sessions on their products, and have done integration work on their lab and production software. Additionally, I’m a fairly extensively experienced […]