A killer business idea

I think I’ve had the best business idea I’ve had in years.

It’s simple. I want to make a DNS registrar.

Yeah, I know there are dozens of them. But this is the difference:

It will be a ZERO UPSELL registrar. I will charge you what is the basic price I can to make the business profitable, and that’s it.

You register your domains with me and I will leave you alone. At no point will I ever try to sell you any other service such as hosting, DNS protection, email accounts, address masking, SSL certificates. I will not email you newsletters, offers on new services.

I will make the UI as clean and as simple as possible. I will also publish a rest API so you can automate your transactions.

You will have the option of yearly, or monthly aggregate billing of your domains. And domains may be marked as autorenew or left manual.

That’s it. No fuss. No muss.

Think you’d pay an extra buck or two to never have to click through an “Add 5 mail boxes for $1.99” again?

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