Random thoughts… from FC

I’m getting older. It’s a lot harder to stay up till 2 am and get back up at 6:30 am for several days in a row.

There are some very cool folks in the fandom. You won’t notice them if you’re too busy looking down on fans in general, of course.

Online is fun. But the smile of a long-time friend in person can answer a thousand questions of status. A genuine smile and friendly exchange in person is why we have cons.

Two planning points. I wish I knew where my black con book was. I should have had that ready. And I should have had dinner reservations prepared before the con.

I am always astonished at the creativity, unvarnished or polished alike, that is freely displayed, given, traded, and enjoyed at a furry con.

We are an early pioneer of a fan-created-content fandom. We are almost unique in this. With tools like the internet, print on demand, low cost video and audio editing changing the game for centralized media, I think you’re going to see more fan-created-content fandoms appear and thrive like furry. I also think furry is going to continue to carve a leading path in this direction. The ability for creator and fan to closely interact, and to also be one and the same, is a nutshell example of what the new-media revolution is. I think APE (the Alternative Press Expo) might be surprised to find that a whole new-media group is already thriving in the valley. It’s just wearing ears and a tail this weekend.

It’s fun being able to talk shop with folks. I was so afraid moving out here I would be so incredibly outclassed by the technology and would have to be sat at the kids table when it came to tech and my career. I was a little behind the curve, but the skills of problem solving, organization, and communication are timeless. Armed with those, the job busily beat the new tech into me as it always has. I at least feel like an adult amongst peers now.

Here’s hoping a good nights rest produces a relaxed final day at the con. I hope everyone has a good and prosperous time.


A tough day of work ended well.

Now off to go a con and enjoy it. It’s the first con I’ve been to purely as an attendee (no work, no volunteer, no business) since 1996.

Let’s see if they’re still fun.

Sometimes I scare myself…

My sweetie asked if I could put together a “surfing safari” themed playlist for her iPod for FC.

I warned that I thought I might not have enough to make much of a playlist. If it was short, she might get bored with it. Anyway, I promised to do my best.

So I sit down and go through things, my thought process is something like this: “Ok. Beach Boys. Jimmy Buffet. That Norwegian instrumental surf-rock album. (Thanks Person!) Another Surf rock group. 4 albums of Steel drum music. A couple of Harry Belafonte tracks. “Barflies at the Beach” by RCR. “Tequila” by the Champs. A couple of 70’s island instrumentals. “Tailspin” by Los Straighjackets. The Hawaii-Five-Oh theme.”

o.O …. that’s 11.7 hours of beach music.

Sometimes I scare myself.

What the hell….

Ok. Yeah. There’s a guy beatboxing with a harmonica on youtube. Seen it.

As a forgotten bit of music history, back in the 30’s and 40’s, there were groups that would play in harmonica choirs.

The WTF moment here is a group playing the full powerhouse score on harmonicas:

This scares me. Beatboxing has nothing on this.

What’s in your desk?

I find myself looking at the high end bourbon bottle, the 20 year scotch bottle, the bermuda black rum (for coffee) and the reserve venezuela rum (for sipping) in my desk at work and thinking “I should bring some Zaya and Svedka in.”

Judging by how much I get done around here, alcohol is a useful technology.

How many of you folks have a bottle of hooch at work? If so, what?

Slow day. (AKA Emo post)

Yesterday was a bit foggy. After lunch a migraine started to kick in bad. Even with a pile of advil, after cycling through some intense periods of nausea I went home early, leaving the car-pool coworker on his own to find a way home.

Bless Sue. I had been chatting with her via IM and from a few short messages she knew what was up. When I got home she was ready at the door, took my bag from me, and sent me up to the already darkened bedroom to crash.

My body turned off for a few hours, and when I woke back up I was still having the post-migraing visual effects and the feeling of being put in a trashcan and kicked down the stairs. A little food and a lot of liquid later, I was feeling more normal and shuffled around the house.

While at the dentist today, my mind wandered. I had forgotten that in that first year you move somewhere, you get every cold and then some. Our first year out here had Sue and I hit very hard with colds and the flu on both seasons. It’s been relatively quiet for a while now, so a sudden bug with a migraine was a bit o a surprise. I suppose the good news is it passed fast, like I used to have colds fast and be past them in PA or VA.

Oh, speaking of the dentist, I had the cleanest fangs of the day. Go me! Though apparently I drool like a dog in a meat market. She about had to leave the vacuum hook in my mouth the whole time. It makes you wonder if this is a talent I could use for financial gain. Perhaps I shouldn’t be daydreaming about Sue so much….

Things right now just seem… better. So much is tenuous in the job market, of course. But for the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, or been having to be combative with bosses performing illegal actions, or having my house broken in, or been worried about losing my home, etc.

To be honest, it’s made it very hard for me trust people. I look back on the friendly and trusting person I was in and after college and sometimes wonder why the hell I am not there anymore. Why am I so reserved.

There’s a darker side. If it is someone in authority who is being friendly, I don’t believe them. I find myself constantly checking for knives at my back. Even when it is in places that make no sense, like, music.

About a year ago, I looked at all this trouble and pain and basically yanked the table-cloth off the whole buffet. I formally and firmly left Anthrocon. I closed doors on bad social situations. I quit several consulting streams. I rearranged my home life for a new start.

Like peeling back the soil of a badly weeded garden, and trimming back the long standing trees, it’s taken a year but it’s bearing fruit. Even with all the scars and trouble, I’m happier more often. Sue’s business seems to be seriously getting traction under it. I find myself doing things for me that I haven’t in years: arranging music, writing stories.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I don’t think that life needs to be bitter, and I don’t think that I have to be.

I’ve got no plans for FC. I’ll be there probably one or both of the weekend days. I think I might try and hunt Farix and Frang down for some drinks. But for once I’m going to try and be a little Taoist and just watch whatever happens, bitter or sweet, and enjoy it for the fun it is.


Time to get the fangs cleaned. Let’s hope the bill of health is good. I need teeth for music.

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It’s amazing how after a lot of careful planning and work, the final lines of code that tie together a bunch of complex systems can be so simple.

If you do your work ahead of time, it almost comes out human readable. Having just tied together several systems that were supposedly not able to work together, can you guess what I am doing:

     unless ( &authorized($user) ) {
       $rec{username} = '********';
       $rec{password} = '********';


I read various folks journals now and then about the Role Playing Games that they form and play.

And I don’t believe most of them.

They have all this sweeping world-building, deep story lines and character development. They create races, and planets, and plots with subplots. I’ve never really had a game go that way.

I do believe posts like Ursula Vernon’s recent experience with a revolutionary gingerbread man army.

If I were to try and characterize how most RPGs have gone for me, especially the ones I consider the good ones, it would be something like this:

Put the Scooby-Doo gang, the Three Stooges, and one scoiopath al-la Jack The Ripper or Ted Bundy together in a group. Armor them with fantastically deadly weapons and magic that is uncontrollable. Give the players dice that only roll “critical failure” or “critical success.”

Antics ensue. You can only imagine what happens that while the DM is trying to lay groundwork plot with a key NPC when our magic user accidentally hits a “critical success” on trying to make a fireball appear like a fake fart from behind the NPC.

It’s not a good RPG unless every at the table is laughing so hard they can’t see.

So true….