Top 500 passwords, not considering character case.

Approximately one out of every nine people uses at least one password on the list shown in below. And one out of every 50 people uses one of the top 20 worst passwords.

If you use one of these passwords, please let me know so I can log in and mess with your account!

500 most common passwords

From the deparment of “that would have been feaking awesome” …

It looks like I misread a program and the concert that had “Peter and the Wolf” narrated by Leonard Nimoy already happened.

Hopefully they bring it back next year.

Motown thinking.

So there’s a genre of R&B called Mo-town which came out of Detroit. It was a unique sound that wikipedia explains as:

[The Motown sound] was typified by a number of characteristics: the use of tambourines to accent the back beat, prominent and often melodic electric bass guitar lines, distinctive melodic and chord structures, and a call and response singing style that originated in gospel music. In addition, pop production techniques such as the use of orchestral string sections, charted horn sections, and carefully arranged background vocals were also used. Complex arrangements and elaborate, melismatic vocal riffs were avoided; Motown producers believed steadfastly in the “KISS principle” (“keep it simple, stupid”)

One things they don’t mention is there is often this electric guitar playing a single note (usually the tonic of the chord) on the backbeat. Considering that most blues formats only use 3 or 4 chords, this means the whole song goes by with that guitar playing maybe 3 different notes.

I’ve always had this mental picture that the producers of Motown had a brother or cousin that their family forced them to include in on the albums. Being absolutely incompetent, they wrote this stupid-easy part for him.

Isn’t funny how your mind will build a story around one little thing?

Maybe he was so bad they had to mark on the fretboard in pen where the three notes were.

And this is a resolution to make…

As picked up by wingywoof:

Ten simple things I should remember to say:

1. “Hello.”
2. “Thank you.”
3. “Please.”
4. “Here, take my seat.”
5. “This one’s on me.”
6. “Let me help you with that.”
7. “I don’t think we’ve met. I’m [name].”
8. “What I’m really passionate about is…”
9. “Have a great day!”
10. “I love you.”


It’s time to admit that things have changed.

If anyone out there is hanging onto an older Mac, I have a pile of pre-osx software that is about to get pitched. Lots of media and OS stuff. If you want it, let me know and it is yours.


Swiped from wingywoof: made a dragon cake for gamers.

tehrasha, Sue says this one is for you.

Mixologist thought for the day.

What ingredients would go into a “butt-tini”?

And would it be a drink that would look good in a thong?

Goodbye 2008.

2008 had a few good ups.

And a tremendous number of downs.

I’m usually an upbeat and optimistic guy. This year was probably the worst for having times where I wasn’t.

The good news is that if all else stays in order, 2009 should be good.

Here’s hoping its good for you too.

Crusty music in digital streams…

WRDV is a public radio station not far from where Washington crossed the Delaware river as he bravely ran away from the British.

It’s a radio station that shouldn’t exist. It’s living on a budget of about $40k, all user donations. All the announcers are volunteers who love the music they get to play. I think the town of Hatboro donates their broadcast space. I wouldn’t be surprised if their transmitter is coal-powered.

It has shows that do things like play only 78s, or focus on classic country from the 50s, or play do-wop, or specialize in regional music like German heritage polkas. On a typical day of programming, there might be a morning covering nothing but the roaring 20’s and an evening of nothing but Frank Sinatra.

They have a series of about 5 transmitters and repeaters that cover about a postage-stamp of space with maybe 3 watts of power. When I lived near them I had trouble tuning the signal in, but it was usually worth it. Some of you have heard me tell about one of their DJs, Carl Peckman, who narrated a wonderful show of early jazz. He didn’t let the fact he no longer had a voice box slow him down. It was unique and cool.

Someone has helped them put up a web page and they are happily streaming a signal powered by internetz. Go to and click on the radio in the upper right corner to listen. They just played “Mares Eat Oats” and are now going through a recording of “China Boy” from the mid thirties. George Toth (a local independent financial advisor) will be on at about 3 pm PST with his financial show that has had some of the best “how to invest and save” financial advice I’ve ever heard. This rocks.

It looks like they’re hurting for money this year according to their website. Donations are down 25%. I think I’ll send them a little.

I haz a happee.


Somewhere during college I took it upon myself to learn to cook. On the way I’ve picked up skills here and there and have progressed to somewhere between “advanced bachelor” and “short order cook.”

I’ve never done a Christmas or Thanksgiving on my own, though. This year, I offered to Lisa and Sue that they take the day off for Christmas and I would make the dinner. This let them concentrate on whatever pies and cookies they enjoy making while the “chore” food would be done by me.

There was some last minute help with Sue mashing and seasoning the potatoes and some plating, but it came out well.

We had:

Turkey (white and dark) done as seasoned roast loins. (The whole-bird thing is really for Thanksgiving)
Sugared spiral cut ham. (A bit of a cheat – pre-cooked)
Yam souffle. (with marshmallows on top)
Green bean casserole. (with crunchies on top)
Garlic mashed potatoes. (Not to be confused with smackjackal‘s “epic” potatoes.)
Fresh green beans.
Jellied Cranberry.
Fresh bread.

And for dessert we had a selection:

Homemade pumpkin pie. (Made by Lisa)
Double-chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies. (Made by Sue)
Slow-churned Vanilla Ice Cream (Made by the California Cows)

Fresh brewed Illy’s Coffee. (Brewed via a glass perk pot on the stove, medium grind. Which is the best coffee to be had at home IMHO.)
Martinez 20-year Tawny Port.

Here’s hoping you had a Merry Christmas too!