Problems always seem to come in three. Following up on some sloppy work I peeked around in similar systems (unmanaged by our group) and found two more special cases.

Crazy load levels….

 19:20:09 up 321 days, 10:30,  1 user,  load average: 247.17, 247.10, 247.08
 19:20:18 up 293 days, 11:18,  1 user,  load average: 191.03, 191.02, 191.02

Fur Affinity has nothing on us!

A load of “247” means the machine is running at approximately 24,700% usage.*

Yesterday’s special machine was at 86,617% usage.

One or two careful commands and cleanups and now:

 19:36:37 up 321 days, 10:46,  1 user,  load average: 1.80, 16.73, 101.40
 19:35:33 up 293 days, 11:33,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 24.79, 99.02

Uptimes of 445 days are nice, but I had never seen a load of 866 before. New record.

* Yeah, yeah. I know. A load unit in linux is not exactly 100% of a machines ability. It represents a whole mix of CPU and I/O work scheduled, in process and sleeping. More details here:


22:26:24 up 445 days, 21:53, 3 users, load average: 866.17, 671.06, 612.

A great weekend!

Things seem to be crossing some sort of turning point. After being dead tired from all the moves, unpacking and work, more and more social things are popping up.

This weekend at the suggestion of teddytiger and twentythoughts being interested in it, we hit California Extreme. It’s a bit gather of lots of old arcade video games and pinball machines for open play in the valley.

It turned out to be an accidental gathering of sorts. teddytiger and his girl were there. Then I ran into smackjackal, who was consoling a hurt tooth with lots of pinball. After that I bumped into duncanroo and theottsel. Duncan was drooling over an Atari Kangaroo machine and also showed me how to kick ass at APB. dustykat was also enjoying the retro gaming. Other folks were about and I was introduced to several new folks.

We picked up the boys at home and as a big party, tackled the Outback steakhouse at the Pruneyard. Dusty asked dollraves to come by, but upon hearing the food selection, she bowed out. There’s some back story about burning down the restaurant will get you your steak cooked faster, but I’ll have to ask about it later. A note to remember for later events.

Sunday we got up early and hit the SF Zoo. It is a nice Zoo and is surprisingly almost on the oceanfront. (We watched the giraffes licking salt out of the air as we pulled in.) It was busy but fun. We got to check out the improvements they made on the tiger pen to keep the kitties from eating more unruly patrons and also got to see them bring out a batch of 3-month-old tiger cubs and give them a new toy. It’s a good zoo, but like many urban zoos seems to need a lot of infrastructure work. More posts on that later.

Good fun. Gotta have more weekends like this. 🙂


The first furry convention I attended, (The furry track at a Philcon) I remember a fursuit creation panel where it was discussed that about 2% of the fandom was in to fursuiting.

By the time I got on the board of this new Anthrocon convention, in our stats we knew that about 5% of our attendees were fursuiters.

Last year at anthrocon 12.29% of the con was in the fursuit parade. This year it was 13.36%.


Butter Math

Isn’t it funny what sticks in your head:

  • 3 spreads is 1 pat.
  • 2 pats is 1 dab.
  • 4 dabs is a glob.
  • 73 gobs is equivalent to the fat in 1 frappachino.


This Sunday was great. We had a pile of folks over to meet and hang out with the twentythoughts and it was good fun.

The new grill got some usage as a pile of burgers, dogs, corn and other food was served up. Ken bought and we watched the latest animated batman DVD release. Person got a chance to snag many a sketch book. And most everyone splashed around the pool a fair bit.

The cool part for me was that these were all folks who I had been hoping to get more hang-out time or to get a chance to get to know better. That really rocked.

It’s neat to have the house unpacked and set-up enough to host a gathering. And it was also cool that folks took to the pool.

We gotta do this kind of stuff on a regular basis and be more social. It’s just too much fun.

A cool place and BBQ thingys

Today was a good day. Sue was feeling good enough to travel a bit and we got to run up and see duncanroo and theottsel‘s new place.

twentythoughts is in town from Norway and wanting to visit folks. Due to some odd scheduling, we could only meet up with the green roo and the Ottsel today.

They sure have a sweet pad and were great hosts on short notice. I am totally envious of their view and Sue loved the layout and all the little architecture finishes of their house. It was really nice to get a chance to hang out, swap stories, and play some scrabble.

We’re also trying to schedule a bit of a BBQ tomorrow with folks that twentythoughts knows. It’s been a comical bit of phone tag that’s been going on since last week. We’re hoping that all the messages to folks like Torrle, Bohor, Watts, Kim, Toob, Jakebe, Arty and Vinci made it through.

It’s funny how in such a tech-laden place folks can be hard to contact. I think it’s because people get jaded with all the communication paths. I need to make a better list of contact numbers too.

Things will work out how they work out. The Norwegian cat has a whole week of possible hang-out time to meet with folks who might not make tomorrow. In any case it’s going to be a nice day to hang out and enjoy life.

We’re also kicking around the idea of hitting the Rosicrucian next week. I wonder if folks would want to do that as well?

Here’s hoping your weekend is going good too! It’s time to crash for sleep.

For the first time in 10 years….

For the first time in 10 years…

– I’ve paid off my primary credit card. (1 left to go – and is about half gone)

– I am losing the dark circles from under my eyes.

I’m guessing that landing a decent job and restructuring your life to get regular sleep pays off.


For those of you who host web sites, there has been a massive coordinated update of BIND and DNS software across more than 80 vendors. A CERT advisory was released today about it. A fault in the underlying DNS protocol that allows the server to be compromised was found. CERT has coordinated the update in secret to get it out before the exploit is in the wild.


Details here:
And here:
CERT Advisory doc:

Take it as you will….

John McCain is older than:

GI Joes, the Golden Gate bridge, Barbie Dolls, the Air Force, Shopping Malls, the CIA, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Credit Cards, the Lincoln tunnel, String Bikinis, Minute Rice, Hot Dog Weenies, Pop Tarts, nuclear power, Tupperware, Hula Hoops, Dick Cheney, Medicare, Nike Shoes, the Pentagon, Burger King, Teflon, Gatorade, Radar, Slinkies, Irish Coffee black with a shot of Jack, Disney World, Indonesia, Disneyland, CocaCola in a Can, space flight, Sweet n’ Low, Tylenol, Batman, Thunderball, K-F-C, The Rubik’s Cube, Breast Implants, The Atom Bomb, “Under God” in the Pledge, jet engines, Frosted Flakes, Pakistan, Pizza Hut, Alaska being a state, Velcro, Air Bags, NATO, the United Nations, FM radio stations, color TV, Israel, Rock and Roll, Keith Richards, Birth Control, Spaghetti-O’s, stereo records, Pinocchio, Firebombs in Tokyo, Casablanca, Bambi and the Wizard of Oz.

Don’t think of him as old. Think of him as having more than 1.5 Barack Obamas in experience.